Nature’s Wild Rice Product Descriptions

The following are samples of 110+ product descriptions commissioned by Nature’s Wild Rice, and the company description, which I produced after company founder Eleanor Loyson told me their history. Originally written May, 2015

About Us

Nature’s Gourmet Foods is the home of Nature’s Wild Rice, a family-owned business. For over 35 years, Roger & Eleanor Loyson and Carol Porter have provided gourmet foods to chefs and various customers across America.

We are still dedicated to our original mission of enhancing your life by providing you with high quality, healthy gourmet foods. We want to be the trusted source as your direct supplier of lake, river and paddy wild rice, rice blends, and other fine gourmet foods. Our selection is perfect for cooks and chefs who like a variety of interesting and healthy foods.

Nature’s Wild Rice Co. was founded in 1980 when Eleanor assisted local wild rice processors needing help in marketing their wild rice from the growers. The farmers were interested in growing and harvesting the finest wild rice that Minnesota had to offer, but were not knowledgeable on how to market their product. Eleanor, who had previously worked for the telephone company, as a directory assistant and long distance operator, was able to easily locate and communicate with the food purchasing agents and chefs across America.

We started with one product, wild rice, and as soon as our chefs saw the fine quality, they asked us to source other fine products for them from around the world. Today we have over 110 products to choose from! We have also expanded into special packaging for distributors and have smaller packaging for the home consumer. We are happy to sell our customers one pound or a semi-load, whatever their needs may be.

You will always reach a friendly voice on the phone at 1-800-222-5085 or 1-218-751-5564 during our office hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm CST. Please share our website with your friends and family – (or We are always happy to hear from new customers interested in healthy eating!


Wild Rice

As a direct supplier of Wild Rice, our selection is perfect for cooks and chefs who love variety. Our goal is to make premium quality rice affordable for all users. All of our varieties have great flavor and cook up light and fluffy. They can be substituted 100% for any other type of rice in a recipe and with its rich color, it gives a great plate presentation.

Wild Rice is a complete, natural food with high nutritional value, protein and fiber content, while being low in fat. It has a nutty flavor that is a tasty alternative to pasta and potatoes as side dish options. It also can be added to soups, bread, pancakes and used in many creative ways to add just the right touch. Wild Rice is featured on the menus of many of America’s finest restaurants, and for good reason!

We know you will find the exact grade of our wild rice perfect for your culinary needs – it is the caviar of grains!

Broken Wild Rice
Broken Wild Rice is an excellent option for soups, sausages and baked goods. Its shorter, 25 minute cook time makes it versatile while retaining its wild rice flavor.

Quick Cook Wild Rice
Quick Cook wild rice is the food for the cook on the go. With this great variation of wild rice, you can have the unique flavor of wild rice with a 5 – 7 minute cook time! For a fluffy, flavorful side dish, or add to soups for texture and rich flavor.


Rice Blends

Nature’s Gourmet Foods offers expertly crafted rice blends of our specialty rices with subtle use of other grains and pastas mixed in. Our blends are the perfect foods to have on hand in the kitchen when you’re looking for something tasty that can be made quickly, or in a professional kitchen when speed is a factor.

You have the choice of your order being just your rice blend, or if you would like, we can include mild chicken based seasoning packets. Chicken and beef tabs of seasoning are available, too.

Country Blend
A taste of the country! Our Country Blend combines parboiled extra fluffy white rice with rich wild rice and bulgur wheat. Mild chicken based seasoning packets are available. Chicken or beef tubs of seasoning are also available.

Cranberry Celebration
The perfect rice blend for summertime or holiday get togethers, Cranberry Celebration blends together light and sweet flavors. Nature’s Wild Rice blends jasmine rice, fluffy brown parboiled rice, earthy wild rice, wild pecan rice, slivered almonds and sweet dried cranberries.

Fiesta Blend
The Fiesta Blend combines all of our bold southwest flavors. We start with a base of white rice and add southwest orzo, dried tomatoes, shiitake, pocini and bolete mushrooms, and top it off with roasted and salted pepitas.


Dried Fruits

Nature’s Gourmet Foods is happy to offer 14 different dried fruits. These fruits are naturally fat free and cholesterol free, and are naturally sweet, making them excellent impromptu snacks. Our great variety of berries are excellent for baking and making sauces, and the whole fruits are just the thing for trail mixes.

Black Zante Currant
Not everyone is familiar with the Black Zante Currant. This mini-raisin is of the small sweet seedless grape. It’sgreat in puddings, scones, baking and berry sauces.

Blueberries are known for their anti-oxidants. Our dried blueberries are a tasty snack and are the perfect addition to pancakes or muffins.

Our dried tart cherries are loaded with heart-healthy nutrients. Their sweet, tangy flavor is a favorite for snacking and in baking.



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